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Cypress PSoC® 4 CY8CKIT-049 Prototyping Kits are low-cost prototyping platforms for testing and developing applications using the PSoC 4 device family. CY8CKIT-049 boards have been developed to support the ARM 32-bit Cortex-M0™ CY8C41xx and CY8C42xx device families. The prototyping kits support PC connectivity through an onboard USB-Serial controller (CY7C65211). The devices can be programmed using the USB-Serial controller and the Bootloader Software Host tool. These Cypress prototyping kits also support CapSense button control and USB-IF Battery Charging applications.


Features and Benefits
  • Easy-to-use and inexpensive prototyping platform for rapidly developing products using the PSoC 4 families and use the unique flexibility of the PSoC 4 architecture.
  • Open footprint breakout board maximizes the end utility of PSoC 4 device
  • Provides a low-cost alternative to device samples while providing a platform to easily develop and integrate the PSoC 4 device into an end system
  • The boards also include:
    • Onboard USB-Serial controller (CY7C65211) 
    • Onboard CMOD capacitors to enable CapSense® development
    • A bypass capacitor to ensure the high quality ADC conversions
    • An LED to provide feedback
    • A push button to provide a simple user input and trigger the bootloader programming mode


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